Inequality in football is extreme and ever widening.

For a small number of clubs, at the very top of the game, deep wells of finance are available. Beyond the gilded elite, everyone else is scrambling to not be left behind. As the flows of money increase, there are very real risks to the ongoing stability of league structures, the integrity of the sport and the competitive balance that makes football such a compelling spectacle.

The reaction in 2021 to the European Super League plans show that football fans cherish the tradition, drama and open competitive structure of existing league competitions. While the direct challenge posed by the ESL proposals was defeated, a more insidious threat to football’s traditions remains, that they will be gutted from the inside by the unfair distortions introduced by such otherworldly levels of wealth.

This site is one fan’s efforts to record and wrap their head around this process, and to dream about how it might be resisted.